Up-selling and cross-selling for the Clover platform.

What is up selling and cross selling?

Up-selling is what happens when a customer decides to spend more by upgrading the type of product/service he initially wants to purchase. A simple way of explaining it is by taking the example of McDonald’s, when you’re asked if you’d like to supersize your meal.

Cross-selling is what happens when you get customers to spend more money by getting them to buy additional products/services. The equivalent at McDonald’s would be: ‘Would you like fries with that?’

What is Up'n'cross?

Up'n'cross is an app for Clover devices which reminds merchants to do Up-selling and Cross-selling. It allows to input which items should be up-sold and cross-sold along with a phrase to say, and whenever a trigger item is added to an Order, the notification will appear.

Getting Started with Up'n'cross

  • Download the Up'n'cross App to your Clover device
  • Go to Cross-selling or Up-selling section.
  • Click on the "+" icon to open the new notification dialog.
  • Type the name of item which will trigger a notification, select an item to suggest and fill in a notification message.
  • Click Add and that's it. Now you can go to the Register app to see it in action.

More Help

If you still need more help, you can always shoot us an email at help@seven-minds.com

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